Sunday, 11 December 2011

Yes! Ohh yes!

9 months of pain has finally been lifted, many miles up and down the country have finally been rewarded, Finally we have managed to win away! All them away trips I've been to, with us not even having a shot on target in some of them. Trips to Plymouth, Barnet and Northampton. Standing on the open terraced at Macclesfield absolutely freezing! Seeing us being ripped apart by Notts County. Having to watch us be in control of the game, just for them to grab a goal on the counter-attack. Yes, the day has come!

Once i got to the ground (after about 3 different tube journeys and a taxi) I noticed their ground wasn't much different to ours. Apart from their away stand being covered, the stadiums are more or less the same. We were housed in the stand going across the pitch. They obviously misjudge the amount of fans we'd bring to the game. They closed off most of the stand and left us with a little percentage of it. Even when they saw us struggling for space, they kept the other part closed!!

Stanley players celebrating the 2nd goal
The match started off quick and had us scoring on our first attack! Nice build up from the right hand side, then a superb cross from Bryan Hughes leaving Amond just needing a little touch to score. 1-0 up within the first 3 minutes! After we scored Wimbledon had a good 5/10 minutes of all-out attack but fortunately couldn't get the ball in the net! After this period we got back into our grove and Hughes pulled the strings again. A wonderful pass found Winnard just inside the box, he crossed it in with Lindfield finding the goal. Two very similar goals gave Stanley a 2-0 lead.

Stanley then carried on their dominance with a couple of chances before the half time whistle but none of them could be converted. HT 0-2.

The second half was a game of clock watching and using up the time. We still created pressure though and Stockley had a wonderful chance to completely kill the game, putting it wide. Wimbledon put on a bit of pressure towards the end but nothing particularly dangerous for Dunbavin to deal with.

Red sky -
Even the sky wanted us to win!
A truly magical win now puts us 15th in the table. Is it just me or is there playoff surge in the distance? Could we push on and try and match last season? Or even better it?!

Getting ahead of myself abit there i think!

Josh Rawcliffe.
Kevin Mcylntre

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