Saturday, 31 December 2011

Hereford report.

I could probably sum up this game in less than 100 words. A incredibly hard game to write about. Very little chances and two poor teams cancelling each other out for 80 minutes of the game. I guess 1-1 was a fair result for both teams.

After the game was put back 15 minutes, (changing the kick-off time to 8 PM.) due to the Stanley team coach arriving late. Maybe that setback had an influence on the start of the match. Hereford took the lead within the first few minutes at Edgar Street. With a ball finding the bulls striker outside the box and him hitting it into the net. He did take it well, taking a touch to his right and curling it into the bottom right hand corner. Woeful defending also contributing to the goal. An awful start by the boys in red.

Very little chances fell to either team after that. Both teams lacking creativity and fire power. Neither team could get a grip on the game. A boring first half.

HT Hereford United 1 - 0 Accrington Stanley

The start of the second half was unfortunately very similar. No real chances apart from a long ball forward nearly finding Podge. Coleman used his first sub very early on, putting micah Evans on for Jayden Stockley who struggled in probably his last game in a Accy shirt. With Hereford's dreadful recent results, their players started to drop back and let us control in midfield, but we still couldn't find a opening. A cheap free-kick about 40 yards was given in Stanley's favour. Hessey whipped the ball in and the Stanley players managed to get the ball across the line according to the linesman. I couldn't see if the ball actually did go over the line so it should be nice to see the replays.

With that goal saw Stanley dominated but couldn't create anything infront of goal.
FT Hereford United 1 - 1 Accrington Stanley

A point was a fair result for both teams. A very dull game to be honest. If you look at our last 3 away games then 7 points out of 9 is brilliant! As long as we can get a victory against Maccelsfield on monday then today has to go down as a good result.

Dunbavin- 7 - Made a decent save although his kicking game was very poor.
Mccynltre - 6 - Got caught out alot and struggled to cope with a faster player.
Hessey - 7 - Not a bad performance but possibly at fault for the first goal.
Long - 8 - Dominated in defence, apart from the first goal was solid.
Winnard - 7 - Played well, didn't have much to do in all honestly.
Procter - 7 - Played okay and put all effort in . Same old Procter performance.
Murphy - 6 - Not a midfielder. Decent right back. Struggles in midfield.
Hughes - 6.5 - Okay. Not at his best and struggled to boss the midfield until late on.
Lindfield - 6/7 - Decent performance. Hard to really judge.
Amond - 6/7 - Tried but wasn't tall enough to win headers against Hereford's defense.

Stockley - 6 - Really struggled, didn't win a header.
Evans - 7 - Used the wings well and apparently scored our goal.

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