Saturday, 17 December 2011

A comfortable victory!

My recent post are starting to become very repetitive and I feel like I'm writing the same article every week! Another marvellous win for the boys yesterday, an easy 3-1 victory over a Torquay team that hadn't lost in 7 games.

The match started with us dominating position incredibly well and creating many chances the just needed a toe-poke to open the scoring. I must say that we used the wings superbly in the match and using the full width of the pitch is now becoming our secret tactic to get through the oppositions defence. The first goal for us had a slight bit of luck to it, Lindfield won the ball and was blatantly fouled inside the box (choosing to carry on with his run) and got the ball out wide. The ball was then crossed in, taking a slight deflection and landing to Stockley, laid it off to Bryan Hughes who smashed it goal bound. Taking a slight nick off the woodwork and in! 1-0.
Torquay down to 10 men.

One of the Torquay players was then sent off for a bad tackle on Winnard, don't think there was much to argue about. More chances fell to Stanley with Andrew Procter having 2 half-chances before the break. The 2nd half was very much the same, Torquay did have a couple of decent chances to make it level but didn't make the most of them. Stockley then scored a wonderful goal from far out, taking the goalkeeper by surprise and smashing it into the net. Shortly after that Luke Joyce was given a straight red card for some sort of off ball contact. I didn't see much of it but from Mr. Coleman's reaction, the Referee made a ridiculous decision. Our 3rd goal was made by a piece of magic from Bryan Hughes, taking it past the defender and crossing it in for Long to finish. Putting the game to bed. Torquay scored just after the 4th official gave 3 minutes of injury time, but the result was already clear, Stanley win again.....

Player Review.
  • Dunbavin - 8. Didn't have much to do, made a great save late on.
  • Murphy  - 7. Played well, was solid in defence.
  • Long - 8. Didn't let anything past him, becoming a key player in the team.
  • Winnard - 8. Same as Long. Just as good as Hessey at centre-back.
  • McIntyre - 8. Had doubts about him at first but getting used to his new position.
  • Procter - 8. Covered every yard.
  • Joyce - 7. Played well apart from being sent off.
  • Hughes - 9. Pulled the strings, a class above the rest.
  • Lindfield - 8. Used the wings really well. Showed passion and I'm glad to see him playing well.
  • Amond - 7. Didn't do too much but put himself into dangerous positions.
  • Stockley - 8. Wonderful goal, probably his best game in the red shirt.

Match - 7/10
Referee - 6/10
My Man of the Match: Bryan Hughes.

Just like to finish by wishing you all a very merry Christmas!

(Photo's supplied by Emily.)

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