Friday, 9 December 2011

Here we gooo!

As i write this, I'm on the way down to London! To watch the mighty Stanley boys in action! Tomorrow's game against AFC Wimbledon will be a tough one. A team that many people wrote off at the beginning of the season and predicted them to be struggling at the bottom. But they've shown that they can certainly be pushing for a playoff place! They currently lie in 13th position but haven't won a game in the league for 8 games.

Tomorrow will be the first time Accrington and AFC Wimbledon have ever met, this is mainly because of the home side only being founded in 2002. With Ian Craney now back from his broken leg and ankle and Murphy back from suspension, Coleman has a full strength team to choose from. I think tomorrow will be a very tough game for both teams, but hopefully we can grind a win!

I'm getting fed up of all these away trips without a win, so surely Coleman must feel the same! My head says a 1-1 draw but my heart says 2-1 to the boys in red!

On a more general note, I am slightly annoyed at the game changes of our games with Hereford and Burton Albion (both away), being changed from the usual saturday 3pm times to 7:45 friday night games. So if the game(s) finish at 9:45, back in the car for 10, You ain't going to get back home till a while after midnight! A know this won't affect many people, but this reason means i can't attend either of those games. Sorry guys! If any other Stanley fan (or even a burton/Hereford fan) who's attending the game would like to do a match report it would be greatly appreciated!

Josh (ASFC) Raw.

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