Monday, 28 November 2011

Jumping ship, and not much better off...

After such a successful season last year, many of our better players moved on to bigger clubs. Some in leagues above and others that are in the same league as us. This article is about one of the players that moved on and is showing that the Grass isn't always greener at another club.

Surprising how money influences the
game even at this level.
Sean Mcconville - Even with his own uncle as assistant manager of Stanley, decided to join Stockport County. A team which had suffered 2 back to back relegation's and were currently in the Blue Square Premier. I know what your thinking, why go there? Guess the reason? '£££££' - Money. Stockport had recently been backed by a man called Tony Evans who 'promised' to sort the club out and get it back on track, including a new stadium and a load of cash. With this money, they brought in ex-liverpool midfielder Dietmar Hamann as manager. They also offered Mcconville 'Double' wages which lured him away from the already weakened Stanley side. We had a friendly match with Stockport in pre-season, with chants of Jessie J's hit song 'Price Tag'
          'It's not about the money,money,money' 
by our fans. Unfortunately we lost that game 1-0 with a penalty scored by who i wonder? Mcconville.

Well,well,well Seany Boy. 20th in the Blue square premier and only 2 points away from the bottom 4. Not exactly great is it? But wait, it gets worse! Tony 'money bags' Evans company pulled out of the club, saying that they couldn't reach an agreement. Dietmar Hamann also left the club earlier this month due to such a bad start. Got a feeling that Sean will be on the phone to his uncle and knocking on Mr. Coleman's door, very, very soon.

Summing up Mcconville's season in more detail. He has started 10 games for Stockport, scoring 3 goals and picking up 2 yellow cards. Mcconville did suffer a broken collarbone in late september thhough, leaving him out of action till early november. From reading notes about certain games, he is proving to be quite a influential player for them. Many of the Stockport fans think of him as a really good player. when he's fit, he starts.

I didn't think much of Mcconville through the first part of last season. Seemed weak on the ball and at times looked completely out of the game. He seemed to be picked for every match without having to do much. Once new year came though he became more of an intelligent player and got himself into more dangerous situations. Through this he became one of our main goalscorers. He knew how to get that ball in the net, a quality many of our players this season have been lacking.

Stockport suffered a 7-0 defeat last night at the hands of Grimsby Town, leaving them in 21st place and in the relegation zone. Mcconville wasn't even on the bench either. I don't mind stockport as a club and have nothing against them but surely Sean must be thinking to himself why on earth he's playing at non-league level. And unless he finds another club to join soon, he may well find himself working at primark again....

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