Monday, 1 October 2012

Well, what a start!

8 Games into the 2012/13 season and we're showing real signs of promise and potential for the upcoming months. We currently sit happy in 4th place, I position that I could have only dreamed about in preseason. Not only are we getting results but we've had some brilliant performances, the Chesterfield game comes to mind, a game which we dominated and played some wonderful football at times. We deserved to get something out of the game and would argue that we easily deserved all 3 points. 

Another thing that has impressed me is our sharpness and the ability to get the ball in the back of the net. Padraig Amond is showing signs that he could score a lot this season, something we didn't see too much of last season. He's getting into the right position at the right time and long may that continue.
Despite receiving criticism from some fans, Ian Dunbavin has made some good saves and had some good performances so far (not taking into account his recent disaster against AFC Wimbledon!). Dunbavin is a key player in my opinion for 2 reasons; 1) Our only backup keeper is 17 year old Andrew Dawber, an injury to Dunbavin would mean playing a young keeper with no real first team experience. 2) Being 32, Dunbavin is one of the older players in the squad and probably the most experienced. With the amount of young players in our squad Bavs' experience really does help.  

Stanley have two key home fixtures coming up next, Rotherham on tuesday then Rochdale on Saturday. Personally I believe that if we can gather 3 or more points from this week then we should be looking at very successful season. 

Also I've found a video of Dunbavin earlier in his career that you may find amusing, this video really doesn't surprise me... Dunbavin Disaster!

Onwards and upwards, but never forget our initial intentions, to stay up. 


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