Monday, 19 March 2012

Player Ratings for Northampton Game

Nicholls - 6 Not too much to do but did struggle with crosses, to blame their goal on him would be harsh. Hes only young and needs time.

Mclntyre - 7 Had a tough time dealing with a very quick winger but did quite well. Massive improvement since the beginning of the season.

Nisala - Stayed solid and did his job effectively.

Kiernan - 7 Good debut for the player. Similar to Nisala in they both did a good shift in the centre of defence

Coid - 8 Really good performance from Coid. You can see his experience and has certainly made RB his own.

Joyce and Barnett - 7   Both did well in defencive midfield roles. Both players are filling in the gap left by Procter's departure.

Grant-7 Did have many opportunity's to impress on his return. Hopefully he can score a few goals before he returns to scunthorpe

Murphy - 7 Played okay. Linked up well with Devitt in the first half and caused Northampton a number of problems.

Devitt - 9 My MOM. Kept going the whole game and put 110% effort in. Scored a great goal and even though he may make the odd wrong decision, he always looks up for it. Top quality player.

Amond - 8 Despite his size and playing a lone striker role, he plays it magnificently. His effort and determination is second to none and is a really good player.

Rating system.
4= Doesn't deserve to wear the shirt.
6=Not bad
8=Good Performance
9=Stand out player
10= Better than Messi

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